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Approved Guideline for Private Campground Owners in Nova Scotia: 

Dr. Robert Strang MD, MHSc., FRCPC Chief Medical Officer of Health has approved our revised guidelines for Private Campground operators in Nova Scotia effective June 26th, 2020.

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  • 100% of campsites may be occupied provided that a minimum distance of 30 feet  be maintained between fire pits on campsites
  • Group campsites/reservations are not permitted
  • Maintain distancing measures of 6 feet for any persons outside the 10-person social bubble at activities such as mini-golf, volleyball, horseshoe pts, events lakes, beaches, pools, etc. and while using washroom and laundry facilities
  • Playgrounds may open as along as there are regular cleaning/disinfection protocols in place.
  • Washroom and Laundry facilities should be sanitized and cleaned at least 2x daily. Sanitizing wipes, soap or spray must be provided inside for guest use.
  • The gathering limit is now 50 with physical distancing. Campers can choose to form a close social group of 10 people to interact without physical distancing. They should choose their group of 10 carefully and try to keep it consistent. They  do not have to distance from people in their own household.
  • If  a campground is a recognized business or organization and is hosting one of the following events, they can have 250 outdoors and 50% of capacity to a maximum of 200 indoors::
    • Social Events
    • Arts and Culture Events
    • Faith-based gatherings
    • Weddings and funerals, including the officiant
  • Everyone must stay at least 2m/6 feet apart, unless they are in the same household or the same close social group of 10.
  • When an event is NOT run a recognized business or organization, the gathering limit of 50 applies.
  • See social gathering guidelines- https://bit.ly/31CSH8K
  • Guests will fill out a COVID-19 assessment form (form to be based on information at https://bit.ly/2VxvYaG
  • Guests with any symptoms will be denied access to the campground

Updated on June 26th, 2020