Anthony Henday Campground to Increase Camping Fees

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The town council has approved to increase rental fees for trailer owners and tenters. This comes after the town council’s green light for a new five-year lease agreement with Innisfail Lions Club for managing the Anthony Henday Campground (Alberta, Canada)

According to a report, two issues about campgrounds were brought to the council’s attention at their regular council meeting last December 13.

Steven Kennedy, the town’s director of operational services, told the council that the town and the Lions Club, which has run the campground over the last ten years, have had a very good working relationship.

He also added that in 2021, the campground had 3,293 trailer sites available for rental and 50 tent sites rental between May to September.

Council was also informed that the service club wanted to bump up site rental fees for this year.

The plan was to raise the rental prices for tenting sites from CA$15 to CA$20 per night, 15-amp power sites from CA$27 to CA$30 per night, and 30-amp power sites from CA$32 to CA$37 per night.

Coun. Janice Wing said the tenting rental hike seemed excessive for unserviced sites.

She wanted to find out how many tenting sites were in the campground and whether the increase was determined by a market rate or simply an attempt to cover the increased costs for the campsite.

Kennedy admitted that he did not know the number of tenting sites available at the campground. He claimed that Lions Club did a market analysis of tenting sites and confirmed that the price hikes were made to offset costs.

He also explained to the council that the new lease agreement with Lions Club would see an increase in the annual cost between CA$15,000 to CA$17,000 with the option of extension for an additional five-year term.

The annual amount is to be reviewed by the town and the Lions Club during the annual report in November each year, council heard. The lease agreement began on January 1 and will expire on December 31, 2026.

The lease has minor modifications. Kennedy advised the council that operation times have been changed to allow for on-site accommodation for one manager/caretaker of the facility.

The council was also informed that it would be limited to no more than five self-contained camping units in the off-season. Additionally, the campground will also host seasonal events throughout the year. The prior lease stated that the campground would be shut down.

Kennedy also told council that any sale of potable drinking water is not allowed by the campground.

Coun. Don Harrison wanted to know more about the supply of potable drinking water for guests and who pays for the utility bills at the campsite.

Kennedy declared that utility expenses would be covered by the lease fee of CA$17,000. Regarding potable water, the council was reminded that the town has its site just outside the campground, accessible to RV owners.

“They (campground manager) were finding that on the occasion that people coming in wanted to buy water,” said Kennedy.

“They had a record last year that there was five units wanting that service, so they are trying to deter that.” Kennedy ended.

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