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Bear River Millyard Recreation Campground & Cottages

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The Bear River Millyard Recreation, is located along the beautiful tidal Bear River and offers an opportunity to experience a comfortable, relaxing, friendly atmosphere.
We offer five CAMP COTTAGES, all on the bank of the Bear River (pet friendly).
– Tenting and RV sites with electric power and water.
– Small boat or kayak launching area all with a floating dock.
– River Tours available on request.
– An entertainment platform used at special events. (eg.) Canada Day and International Rivers Day.
– A Yard Sale and Market area used on Special weekends.
– Enjoy delightful sunsets.
– Watch the bald eagles soar above you as the tide changes.
– Walk on the bottom of the River to study the incredible rock formations along the river banks, search for fossils and distinctive flora.
– Rock ledge formations and fossils.
– Over 20 varieties of trees.
– History and knowledge of the area; interpretive panels.
– Friendly people.
– Free Wifi.