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Harbour Light Campground

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Harbour Light Campground was first established in 1964. Minnie and Samuel Smith owned the land and thought it would be a great place to build a campground. Starting small, Sam and Minnie developed the site and soon found they had a thriving community on their hands. They passed the campground to their daughter Eleanor and son-in-law Ron MacDonald. Ron’s son, Cameron, is the current owner and a mainstay at the campground. What started as a small business with 20 or so sites, grew over the years to have 150+ sites that the campground boasts today.

Past Owners of Harbour Light Campground, Sam and Minne
Sam, Minnie and Eleanor Smith (1940).
Image of Harbour Light Campground in it's early days, including trailers.
Trailers have sure come a long way!
Image of the original founder of Harbour Light Campground and the current owner as a child.
Sam with Cameron in front of the campground.
Image of the current owner's children.
Cameron’s Children
 As a fourth generation business, Harbour Lights is in our blood. The current owner, Cameron, along with his four children were largely raised at the campground. We gained an appreciation for family business and the strong sense of familial community that characterizes our campground.

We believe everyone should get to experience what it is like growing up at a campground, even if it is only for a short time. We open up our campground to students every year (usually primary students and students with special needs) where they get to spend time in the park, at the beach and do crafts, ending with a BBQ!

 Image of a class from Pictou Elementary visiting Harbour Light Campground.
Class from the local school.



 Our campground’s name was inspired by the lighthouse that shone out over the harbour opening across from our park. Located on an ominous sandbar, the lighthouse was a necessity, historically and aided hundred’s of ships to navigate Pictou’s harbour. It was originally built in 1834 but had to be rebuilt in 1903 and was one of the oldest in NS. On July 5th, 2004 a fire consumed the lighthouse ending its 101-year reign. It was a terrible sight and a deeply sad event. Although a committee was put together in the hopes of building a new lighthouse, they were unable to gain any traction. As such, a mechanical beacon soon replaced the lighthouse.

If you would like to read more about our once beloved lighthouse, you can find more information here: Pictou Landing Lighthouse Information

 Image of the Pictou Landing Lighthouse.