Canada Province Requiring Travel Registration, Vaccination Proof

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Anyone aged 12 or older is required to present the proof of COVID-19 vaccination and government identification to enter specific New Brunswick businesses and events, including outdoor funerals and restaurants, beginning next Wednesday. According to a report, this is in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus and increase the rate of vaccination.

Anyone who enters New Brunswick, including New Brunswickers who are returning into the state, will need to sign up in advance and show evidence of vaccination, premier Blaine Higgs announced Wednesday. If they’re not fully protected, the province will require them to isolate themselves for 14 days or until they have the results of a test that is negative within 10 days.

The proof can be shown with an immunization report or a picture of an immunization document from a local hospital or pharmacy, Public Health, the MyHealthNB portal, or other authorities.

Anyone who does not adhere to the new rules could be liable to fines that range between $172.50 up to $772.50.

The requirement for travel registration is “very much based on integrity” because there will be no frontier checkpoints between provinces at the very least, as per Higgs.

The changes came when New Brunswick reported 63 new cases of COVID-19 last Wednesday, the highest single-day increase since the pandemic started and another death related to COVID (the province’s 48th).

The province is currently on track to record 100 new cases every single day, according to Dr. Jennifer Russell, the chief medical officer for health.

There are currently 293 active cases in the province.

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