Wainwright Receives Outdoor Rec Funding Support

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Wainwright (Alberta, Canada) is making more outdoor recreation opportunities available through grant funding from the federal government.

As per a report, through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund, CA$374,790 will be used to fund the Trail Network Expansion and new Playground Project.

The fund is administered in Alberta through Prairies Economic Development Canada.

The expansion features 1,071 meters of paved trails, Wallace Park Pond upgrade, 20 solar crosswalks, 20 recycling receptacles, 12 benches, tent waste/recycling receptacles, and eight bike racks.

Town planners say that the initiative will help community spaces and business districts, encourage physical fitness, reduce their environmental footprint, increase a sense of connectedness and foster an eco-friendly mindset.

Mayor Bruce Pugh says Wainwright is determined to recover from the pandemic and continue flourishing and expanding in the coming years.

“The trail system with the addition of benches, crosswalks, bike racks, a new playground & Wallace Park upgrades provides new ways for the community to connect improving mental health, community involvement, retention of youth and residents & economic growth. We are excited to move forward with this project.”

The planning team believes that the increased trail connectivity within the town of Wainwright will increase accessibility to the Main Street/downtown area and the shopping districts that will help businesses impacted by the pandemic.

The trails, solar crosswalks, benches, bike racks, waste & recycling receptacles, new playground, and Wallace Park upgrades will make Wainwright more appealing for those who are looking to move and provide newcomers, particularly people who don’t have licenses or vehicles and other means to get to work efficiently which will create more job opportunities.

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