Canadian Recreational Vehicle Asociation

The CRVA is a non-profit organization comprised of leading recreational vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of the components that go into recreational vehicles which are sold in Canada. CRVA membership also includes suppliers of services such as marketing and financial organizations specializing in serving the RV industry. The association, comprised of a representative from each member manufacturing company and component supplier, ensures continuity of professional standards beneficial to the RV industry and, ultimately, to the interests of the consumer.

The Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association has been in existence for over 40 years and works continually to promote all of the aspects pertaining to the quality and safety in the RVs built by our CRVA member companies. To this end, CRVA works closely with accredited companies in order to develop standards and codes specifically for recreation vehicles.

The CRVA Board of Directors and their sub-committees meet on a regular basis. Their vast experience in the various specialized areas of the recreational vehicle industry ensures that the Association keeps abreast of current trends and technical improvements.

CRVA works hand-in-hand with Transport Canada, the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Branch, Departments of Travel and Tourism, Campground Owners Associations as well as the various Recreational Vehicle Dealers Associations who have their own Canada-wide groups. We draw on this wealth of experience and technical know-how to keep abreast of current trends and technical improvements by constantly reviewing design concepts and manufacturing advances.